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Give hope - and so much more

"It doesnʹt feel like the world is caving in on you anymore. Itʹs hope. A Wider Circle gave me hope."- Jeanine

A Wider Circle furnishes the homes of more than 4,000 families a year, equaling more than 15,000 children and adults every single year whose homes are transformed from empty spaces into beautifully furnished homes. We also provide comprehensive job preparedness support, including resume assistance, unlimited professional attire and accessories, and even a long-term job coach for every person who participates.

Your personal fundraiser can help to bring hope - and so much more - to those we serve.

How do I begin?

Here are a few ideas to create a fundraiser that is unique to you:

1. Volunteer Day: Were you inspired after your day of service at A Wider Circle? Keep the momentum going with your own fundraising page.

2. Bat/Bar Mitzvahs: Share information about your special occasion, and encourage your guests to make a donation in lieu of a gift.

3. Furnish a home: It only costs A Wider Circle $50 to provide a child or adult with all of the items he or she needs to live well. See how many homes you can furnish!

Just click "Start Your Fundraiser," then set a goal, invite others to join you, and see how far your efforts can go!

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  • Stuart G.
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    Is wider circle a charity or does it describe your ass now that you've hit 50?
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    Happy Birthday James. You've caught up to me! I am happy to support your cause.
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    Pleased to support such a worthy cause!
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    Happy bday James!!!
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    James, happy birthday! At least this is one day you will spend out of the sin bin...
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    It is our pleasure to donate to a wonderful organization in honor of your birthday.
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    This sounds like a really great cause, James. We're glad to donate and help you reach your goal. Happy Birthday!
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    James, what an incredible organization. We are thrilled to support it and applaud your efforts to try to end poverty!
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    It is a pleasure to contribute to such a worthy endeavor.
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    James, With such a giving heart and loving spirit, I know you will have a spectacular 50th birthday. Love, Linda & Ron
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    Happy Birthday Sarah! Wish we could be there to celebrate with you. Kristen, Michael, Fiona, Ian and Bailey
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    Happy Birthday from 1 tiara girl to another! Kelly
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    Happy (early) Birthday!!
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    Happy Birthday beautiful! Wish we could be there to help you celebrate your day! Have a blast!
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    Happy (early) Birthday!
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