Amira El-Gawly
Amira El-Gawly's Fundraiser

Help lift + love our DC neighbors out of poverty!

Friends -- this June, all donations to A Wider Circle's efforts will be DOUBLED!

$1,900 towards $2,800


Some of you may know this already but for those who don't, this is why I commit so much time and effort to supporting the efforts of A Wider Circle. About three years ago, I met a hero here in DC - Mark Bergel, a man who dropped everything in his life to take on the mission of ending poverty in our community. A man who barely sleeps at night because he's so motivated to wake up and devote his entire life, being, thinking, time, energy to ending poverty. A man who hasn't slept on a bed in over a decade because he's committed to ending poverty in this lifetime -- he won't sleep on one until every man and child has one first.

Two years ago, Mark invited me to join the board of his nonprofit - A Wider Circle. This is an organization that our team at 360 Live Media had volunteered in the past, and where I felt our time, money and efforts directly impacted families in need.

This month is a special month because all contributions to A Wider Circle will be doubled up to $75,000. This is an incredible opportunity for us to help raise money for our neighbors in need.

My request is that you talk to me about A Wider Circle, find ways to get involved and I hope you'll make a contribution, no matter how small, everything matters.

Love ❤️ Amira